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IMAGEMS is a trinket box pewter manufacture and export company established in 1989. The name is synonymous with fine art trinket box products. IMAGEMS incessantly introduced unique copyrighted design trinket box with the blend of pure Thai and Ramayana-Indian Tradition. With a long history of success, the company supplies fine art trinket box and souvenir products for art galleries and high-end boutique stores in Thailand. IMAGEMS provides various ranges of pewter trinket box designs; for living, stationery and gifts.

Skills garnered over 20 years of experience have enabled our OEM fine art pewter production to customize trinket box design for customerís specific requirements; size, color, logo and finishing choices. The company is located in Nakornpathom province. One hour drive from Bangkok

Trinket box  manufacturers exporters wholesale – IMAGEMS

IMAGEMS offers only original unique and copyrighted trinket box products. All made in Thailand. Built with extraordinary craftsmanship and detail, special pieces of IMAGEMS trinket boxes are available through high-end art boutique/art gallery in Bangkok.

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